Our Mission At Entropy Games

Our Mission At Entropy Games

The Family Behind Entropy Games
We are a family owned provider of board games, trading card games, miniatures and much more. We absolutely love the products we carry and are avid gamers ourselves. We plan to leave regular reviews and videos about many of our top products, so you know exactly what to expect when you purchase from us.

Myself, my husband and my daughter find so much joy in the connected-ness that comes from an awesome night of gaming.

Growing up playing the first edition of D&D with my father, I knew my husband was a kindred spirit when he told me he spent his whole childhood playing video games and Warhammer 40K with his older brother. I knew he was the one after we played Resident Evil 5 together.  We have continued the love of all things nerdy with our Daughter, Aria - who loves any kind of board game, particularity the ones she can beat us at.

Not only do we have a passion for the games we sell, we have a passion for the people that play them! True friendships are formed in the depths of an abandoned castle overrun by ogres, in the far reaches of space and time, and of course late at night in the town tavern celebrating a victory. We want to share our love of games with people young and old and spread the beauty that is imagination. 

Our Goal
We hope to open our own local shop in Colorado as soon as possible. In the meantime, we aim to provide an array of games where nerds of all ages can find something they love. Please enjoy our selection of brands like Renegade Game Studios, Cepholofair, Pokemon, Fantasy Flight, Asmodée Editions, Stonemaier and many more!

Can't find your favorite game?
We carry many of the popular board games, miniature games, role playing games and trading cards that are on the market now, but if there is a certain game that you love and don’t see on our website, please send us an email at info@entropygamesandcards.com, chances are we will be able to order you a copy. 


Thank you for joining us on our journey!

Peace, Love and Riches
Kaitlyn, Nick and Aria

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