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Bloodborne: The Card Game

Bloodborne: The Card Game

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Welcome home, good Hunter. Yharnam's blood calls to you. You may believe this to be nothing more than a bad dream, but its curse lies heavy upon us all...

Long ago, the cursed city of Yharnam made a grim discovery: by using Blood Ministration, every affliction could be cured. But with that healing power came a terrible disease, transforming the city's inhabitants into nightmarish creatures. Now, on the night of the The Hunt, you have come to the city. Using the power of the Chalice, you and your fellow Hunters have entered the Chalice Dungeon, whee you must confront its terrifying bosses together. But in the end, only one of you will gather enough blood to escape the nightmare...

In Bloodborne: The Card Game, every Hunter secretly and simultaneously choose their strategy for each fight. Will you attack and gather blood? Sabotage the efforts of other Hunters? Or retreat to the safety of the Hunter's Dream to secure your blood and build up your strength for later battles?

You will need clever strategy, ruthless cunning, and steady nerve in you hope to win this game of treachery and terror!

87 Cards
5 Hunter Boards
5 Hunter Health Diasl
75 Blood Echo Plastic Tokens
16 Cardboard Tokens
3 Custom Monster Dice

Ages: 14+
Players: 3-5
Game Length: 30-50 minutes

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