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Dark Souls: Phantoms Expansion

Dark Souls: Phantoms Expansion

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Within the world of Dark Souls reside phantasmal beings of opposed allegiances. The White Phantoms you will meet are ephemeral allies you can call upon for aid in times of greatest need. Beware the Red Phantoms, however. These powerful foes will stop at nothing to destroy the heroes who journey within their realms.

10 Summon Miniatures (White Phantoms)
  ‣ Horace the Hushed
  ‣ Eygon of Carim
  ‣ Siegward of Catarina
  ‣ Ruined Alfis
  ‣ Sword Master
  ‣ Lucatiel of Mirrah
  ‣ Sirris of the Sunless Realms
  ‣ Sellsword Luet
  ‣ Rogue Witch Beatrice
  ‣ Solaire of Astora
1 Summon Health Dial
10 Summon Data Cards
40 Summon Behavior Cards
11 Invader Miniatures (Red Phantoms)
  ‣ Armorer Dennis
  ‣ Marvelous Chester
  ‣ Invader Brylex
  ‣ Paladin Leeroy
  ‣ Fencer Sharron
  ‣ Longfinger Kirk
  ‣ Melinda the Butcher
  ‣ Maldron the Assassin
  ‣ Maneater Mildred
  ‣ Xanthous King Jeremiah
  ‣ Oliver the Collector
1 Invader Health Dial
12 Invader Data Cards
64 Invader Behavior Cards
12 Treasure Cards
3 Blank Invader Tokens
6 Standard Invader Tokens
6 Advanced Invader Tokens
1 Rules Insert

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 90-120 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Dark Souls is required to play.

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