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Mystic Vale: Havens Event Kit

Mystic Vale: Havens Event Kit

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Havens stand as isolated points of light gleaming in the growing darkness. The druids of the Mystic Vale rely on these bastions as secure way-points, sites where they can rest and recover, and strongholds from which they can sally forth to battle the ever-growing corruption. Were these havens to fall, it would make the druids' crusade that much harder.

Mystic Vale Event Kit: Havens contains new Havens cards that gain new powers and abilities as you use them across multiple games! Watch them grow and change as the different advancements you use over several games change. These new cards and their mechanics, are only available as part of the event kit.

The kit includes:

  • 40 Havens cards,
  • 8 Gaia's Sanctuary,
  • 320 card sleeves (8 unique sets of 40 tarot-sized custom sleeves),
  • 8 sets of 3 promo advancements,
  • 8 sets of 3 promo vales,
  • and a rulebook.

This is an Expansion for Mystic Vale

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