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Star Wars Legion: AT-ST Walker Unit Expansion

Star Wars Legion: AT-ST Walker Unit Expansion

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Prepare to witness the triumphant resurgence of the formidable Imperial AT-ST in Star Wars: Legion! This iconic walker, renowned for its imposing presence on the battlefield, makes a glorious return. With enhanced engineering that ensures a seamless assembly experience, this AT-ST pack brings a powerful surge of firepower to any army.

The miniature included in this pack showcases an array of new customization options, allowing players to personalize and tailor their AT-ST to their strategic preferences. Unleash your creativity as you assemble and modify this iconic war machine, infusing it with a unique touch that reflects your tactical vision.

As a cornerstone of the Imperial forces, the AT-ST has long been feared by Rebel fighters and strikes awe into the hearts of its adversaries. With its unrivaled power, devastating weaponry, and enhanced mobility, the AT-ST remains a symbol of the Empire's dominance on the battlefield. Whether it's patrolling city streets, deploying to hostile environments, or crushing Rebel resistance, the AT-ST stands as a stalwart guardian of Imperial might.

Prepare to harness the might of the Imperial AT-ST in Star Wars: Legion, and witness its destructive capabilities as it sweeps across the battlefield, leaving no chance for the Rebel scum to escape its relentless pursuit.

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