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Love Letter (2019 Edition)

Love Letter (2019 Edition)

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Love Letter presents an exhilarating card game of strategic risk and deduction. Can you outsmart your companions and earn the favor of the esteemed Princess? With its swift and accessible gameplay, Love Letter proves to be the ideal choice for casual gaming, regardless of the occasion.

In this 2019 edition of Love Letter, you'll encounter captivating new artwork crafted by the talented artist Andrew Bosley, along with screen-printed tokens that enhance the immersive experience. Additionally, the game introduces two fresh characters, expanding the possibilities for up to six players. The Chancellor (valued at 6) empowers you to draw two new cards, add them to your hand, and then strategically place two cards of your choice at the bottom of the deck. The Spy (valued at 0) rewards you with a favor token if you happen to be the only player who played or discarded a spy during the round. Immerse yourself in this exciting edition of Love Letter and delight in the challenge of outmaneuvering your opponents to secure victory!

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