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Marvel Champions - Venom

Marvel Champions - Venom

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Flash Thompson, a valiant veteran of war and Peter Parker's former classmate, underwent a remarkable transformation when he merged with the formidable Venom symbiote during the U.S. government's Project Rebirth 2.0. Now equipped with extraordinary powers, Venom embarks on interstellar journeys, dedicating himself to vanquishing wicked forces across the cosmos.

Expanding the roster of the esteemed Guardians of the Galaxy, this thrilling expansion pack introduces Venom as a thrilling new playable hero, accompanied by a collection of fifteen distinctive cards representing his unique abilities. Unveiling a pre-constructed Justice deck that is ready to unleash upon opening the box, you can promptly experience the might of Venom's impressive arsenal. Engage in exhilarating confrontations, unleashing a torrent of firepower as you relentlessly dismantle the villain's nefarious schemes alongside this formidable and dynamic hero!

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