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Marvel Crisis Protocol: Klaw & M'Baku

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Klaw & M'Baku

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Ulysses Klaw, once a fringe researcher in the realm of applied sonics, embarked on a perilous quest to acquire Vibranium, a rare and valuable metal, for his latest project. To achieve his goal, he assembled a group of mercenaries and launched a surprise assault on the nation of Wakanda. Although successful, the attack came at a great cost, leaving Klaw mortally wounded. In a desperate final act, he turned his own weapon on himself, resulting in a transformation into a sentient sound-being. Unkillable and agonizing to hear, Klaw's appearance serves as an ominous harbinger of misfortune.

M'Baku, the esteemed chieftain of Wakanda, has long held divergent views from T'Challa, the Black Panther, regarding leadership. Disregarding direct orders, M'Baku resurrected an ancient and mystical power hidden within the heart of the fabled white gorilla. Driven by his desire to claim Wakanda as his own, M'Baku staged a coup, wielding his newfound abilities. Despite the failure of this ill-fated endeavor, the chieftain remains a significant force in Wakandan politics, sometimes aligning with the Black Panther and at other times opposing him. While M'Baku's motives may be questioned, his awe-inspiring strength is undeniable.

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