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The Witcher: Old World (Standard Edition) (New Arrival)

The Witcher: Old World (Standard Edition) (New Arrival)

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In the aftermath of the Conjunction of the Spheres, the once-safe Continent has transformed into a perilous realm. The introduction of magic has brought forth bloodthirsty and terrifying monsters, threatening the peace of its inhabitants. Amidst this chaos, five rival witcher schools have commenced training their apprentices.

Embark on a thrilling journey as you assume the role of a Witcher, confronting dangerous beasts and forging your own tale in the Old World.

• Uncover the Expansive Continent: Explore a multitude of cities and venture into treacherous wilderness. Through Exploration and Event cards, immerse yourself in exciting adventures and quests, facing difficult moral choices that shape your destiny.

• Battle Dreadful Monsters: Trail the footsteps of terrifying creatures, acquiring Action cards to enhance your skills and learn new combat techniques. Survival is key as you employ a strategic combination of attacks, dodges, and witcher signs to withstand the onslaught of destruction.

• Rise as a Legend: Engage in a relentless pursuit of honor and recognition for your School. Slay monsters, triumph over fellow witchers in tavern brawls, and hone your trophy-hunting prowess to become the most renowned witcher in the Old World.

The game also offers a Solo Mode, enabling you to embark on a solitary adventure across the Continent. Traverse this dangerous realm, test your mettle, and forge your path as a legendary Witcher.

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